Glitchy's Bedroom

Glitchy's Bedroom
Motto “Smoke weed e'rryday”
Local Languages Esperanto (other languages are for filthy conformists)
Government Anarchist
Establishment 5-16-15
Population 2
National Anthem YouTube

After many months of being told by his mom to take out the trash or do the dishes, GlitchyBat, going through a rebellious teenager phase, established a new settlement in his bedroom. Free from responsibilities, chores, and problems, Glitchy's Bedroom is the happiest settlement in the world.

Glitchy's house (highlighted in red) and surrounding areas.

Glitchy's Bedroom extends as far down as two floors from the actual bedroom in Glitchy's house. It is a landlocked settlement surrounded by the capitol of the Republic of Ender, Hinoarashington D.E..

Glitchy's Bedroom includes many unique landmarks. Such inspiring locations include Glitchy's first crayon drawings hanging on the fridge, Glitchy's video game collection, and the dark basement Glitchy and his uncle often used as a set for home movies when he was younger.

Glitchy's Bedroom earns a daily allowance of 1 emerald for every day he keeps his room clean. Occasionally is less if he misbehaves or gets low grades at school. The settlement is also keen on trade of weed, porn, and video games.

Glitchy and co saving the world.

Glitchy's Bedroom is known to some of the strongest warriors who have trekked across vast lands and slaying evil. Every Saturday night, Glitchy assembles his finest warriors from all over the neighborhood for a grand adventure to rid darkness from the world.

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