Fort Pen is the on and off distraction of a loner Bernd by the name of PenOpener. Nobody knows why he started building on a multi-player server because he obviously doesn't like company. This page describes all incarnations of Fort Pen in the various maps on the server (newest on top).

Fort Pen III in Alpha's Realm (1.7.2)

Fort Pen III
Local Languages English, German
Location x:-1333,z:1500
Leader PenOpener
Establishment 09.12.2013

Current project.


This time without shrooms.

Diplomatic Relations & Rail Network Connection

None. Rail connection planned. Since the map is small rail autism might ensue.

PenOpener's Island in Oceania (1.0)

PenOpener's Island
isle-of-pen.jpg isles-of-pen-end-2013.jpg
Local Languages English, German
Location x:0,z:17000
Leader PenOpener
Establishment 26.01.2012

Failure due to its enormous size and lack of time.

While not technically a fort (yet?) I'm too lazy to make a new page.


Right after the new map went online PenOpener set out to find a new home. As he didn't want to settle too close to spawn, he ignored the first big landmass he encountered. A grave mistake. Some 15000 blocks later the exhausted traveler finally found an island that wasn't tiny. Unfortunately it was infested by drug addicts, which were promptly subdued.
The lack of hostile mobs has left PenOpener somewhat careless and infrequent trips to the main continents of the server usually end by explosion.

Diplomatic Relations & Rail Network Connection

None. There are no other players around for thousands of blocks.
The island can be reached though the nether rail in limbo (thanks to material donations from Bremen). Turns out a direct rail from spawn attracts griefers and idiots.

Landmarks and Surroundings

Building progress in general is rather slow due to various real life obligations. As with Fort Pen in b1.8 there are no plans or concepts as to the final look of the Island. The south-west end of the island will become the main Fort. The center of the island is mainly completed and contains farms for pretty much every renewable resource in Minecraft. The great Volkshalle in the north-east has no purpose as of yet.

The surroundings of the island include: water.


The island has an extensive mine system and a slime farm in 3 nearby slime chunks. There are cow, mooshroom, chicken, egg, pumpkin, melon, sugar cane, cocoa, nether wart and tree farms for all wood types. Sheep pens for all colors were built without actual access to any sheep (due to the lack of a major landmass around the island). Mod magic® produced two specimen from which the whole current population was (in)bred.
Building materials usually come from The Pit, a ~80×80 blocks strip mine under the tree farms near the island.

Fort Pen in Newfoundland (beta 1.8 + 1.0)

Fort Pen
Local Languages English, German
Location x:-400,z:-220
Leader PenOpener
Establishment 23.09.2011

It has been independently named the best fort of all time. -v1adimirr


As soon as the new map went online PenOpener searched for land to claim as his own. Hindered by the 1000×1000 build limit (because land farther out was planned for deletion when MC 1.0 came out) he was forced to settle far too close to the spawn for his tastes. He found a cozy cliff by the sea and started building without plan or paying any attention to who his neighbours where.

Diplomatic Relations & Rail Network Connection

As the fort grew to a more noticeable size the (only remaining active) neighbour BremenBernd started to pay frequent visits to the premises and suggested the later established rail connection between Bremen and Fort Pen. Later a connection to the abandoned settlement at West Bernd Dam was made to have a more direct connection with spawn. A few month after that a further connection was built to the Tri-Isles as part of a suggested ring rail around spawn.
PenOpener developed a serious case of rail autism and in the later months of the map Fort Pen became a quite large rail line hub (although very few people actually used rails in this part of the map).

Landmarks and Surroundings

The fort features a publicly available chicken farm, an automatic sugar cane harvester and a cactus greenhouse. All combined in the mighty Tower of Nom. A small wheat and melon farm is located in the courtyard. A lighthouse was built in the direction of Bremen. A library was under construction until the map was changed. Likewise a harbour was planned behind the fort. Other than that the fort is covered in towers because … because! A solitary tower stands in the bay near the fort for reasons unknown. Boredom contributed largely to it's construction.

Over all construction of the fort was always going very slowly, because PenOpener was busy with shit in RL and didn't like other people helping him (they'd BE DOING IT WRONG!).

The only addition post-1.0 is an automated gate at the fort entrance.

To the west lies the seemingly abandoned Cockroach Desert. The next settlement of interest to the south is the West Bernd Dam. The nearest neighbour to the north is the floating disc of BremenBernd. A colony of Me Gustown seems to have been established to the south-west at a later date as well. Martyr's/Enton's Funpark lies to the east.

Fort Pen is reachable through the rail network. From spawn prospective visitors can either take the line to West Bernd Dam or to Bremen and change trains there to Fort Pen. Alternatively, a junction exists on the line to Brosodonia which leads to Fort Pen through Enton's Funpark.


Minerals and construction material come from the mine of the fort itself which was expanded to the edge of the 1000×1000 grid in the days of 1.8 to concentrate mining on land that would be deleted anyway (which never happened). The tunnel was later converted into the rail line to Lemnbernd Manor.

PenOpener's Home(s) in Berndland (beta 1.7)

PenOpener's Home(s)
Local Languages English, German
Location x:-3500,z:-3000
& x:-22222,z:-3333
Leader PenOpener
Establishment 18.08.2011

Shitty House and hole in the ground. Only major achievement: settle farther away from spawn than anyone else. On the plus side, nobody ever griefed there.

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