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Language English, German
Demonyn Bremians, Bremenites
Government National Socialist
Leader BremenBernd
Established 2011
Population 9

Bremen has a long history leading back to the original Bremen back in 1.7.

Bremen 1.0
Established 2011
Known as Bremen, floating Castle
Location -1700, -2500
Map Bremen on 1.7

Bestess'es castle ever! Also lava-traps!

Bremen 2.0
Established 2011
Known as Bremen, huge floating disc, wtf is that thing?!
Location -700, -700
Map Bremen on 1.8

Floating hexagon-shaped castle over an ocean. Huge failure.

Bremen 3.0
Established 2012
Location -3800, 0
Map Bremen on Oceania


Bremen 4.0
Established 2012
Known as Bremen, Neu Bremen
Location -5400, 2000
Map Neu Bremen on Oceania

Yaay this time it doesn't completely suck.


Note: Membership is exclusive, YOU most likely cannot into Bremen.

  • Absurdium (Unexpectedly autistic)
  • areteee (Likes TNT)
  • Blub_2000AD (pretty ebin guy)
  • BremenBernd/BlakkCooper (Playing as Dictator)
  • Gerhard (RIP)
  • hobo (RIP ;_;)
  • Kopfjaegar (tsundere towards it)
  • Oloak (Semi-RIP)
  • Omaar (Likes jews)
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