Location X: -9200 Z: 10700
Local Languages English
Government Parliamentary republic
Leader kr1sto95
Establishment July 2012
Population ~4

The Republic of Alempois is a self-proclaimed independent country in Finbeleland, on the coast of Mob Sea. The small nation is a result of a colony seceding from it's motherland, the Kovanje Vrystaat.

The Republic of Alempois is located on an island on the coast of Mob Sea. When discovered, it was completely covered with a large forest, stretching from one coast to the other. As the colony grew, more land was cleared. As the island was mostly covered by birch trees, it became a widely used building material. This can still be seen today as most of the building are made of birch wood planks.

The land itself was discovered by the Khan Kovio who demanded the nearby Yev village to be incorporated to the Kovanje Vrystaat. The first settlers, kovio, kr1sto95 and 1210 arrived on the wild island in June, 2012. Works began immediately as kovio built a wall around the Yev village while kr1sto95 and 1210 cleared the land and built a settlement- a small hut and watch tower which are still there to see for the thousands of Japanese tourists visting each year.

As time went by, the colony grew more and more apart from the motherland. Two of the first three settlers, kovio and 1210, soon abandoned the island. Kovio had become obsessed with the Yevulu's, fearing an uprising and 1210, as suitable for an Israeli, became a merchant and started selling his mob factory products.

Kr1so95 became the sole inhabitant of the cut off island. He left the troubled city of Dynstaad to live in the colony. He cleared the land even more, built a ligthouse, a port and a house for himself. Soon after, a big government building was also erected. The flag of Kovanje was soon taken down and replaced with the blue and white flag of Alempois. This meant the end of the Kovanje rule.

In 2013, a group of Fingols settled on the island although this was prohibited by the Alempois law. The Fingols built a couple of odd-looking buildings, among them a church above water, a small house, a farm and a swastika. This led to the Battle of Venbezi. Although the joint forces of Kovanje and Alempois managed to defeat the Fingols in battle, their settlement remains on the island. The territory is still a part of Alempois, although disputed. A wall was built around the Fingol settlement to keep them from entering Alempois.

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