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Battle of Venbezi

Battle of Venbezi
Dates 22nd February 2013
Location Finbeleland
Result Finngolian retreat
Flag New Finngolia Flag Kovanje Vrystaat
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Venomthrope Flag Kovio
1 2
0 2

New Finngolian settlers illegally entered the Kovanje territory of Finbeland and clashed with forces of the free state, who succeeded in driving out the finnvaders.

Settlers from New Finngolia landed in Finbeland, then a colony of the Kovanje Vrystaat (now under administration of the Republic of Alempois).

Khan Kovio and kr1sto95 faced the intruder, venomthrope. When he geared for combat to stand his men, the two Kovanje citizens took flight however. Scornign them cowards, the Finngol leader demanded satisfaction, and proposed the PVP arena at the old spawn as the site of the confrontation, for the conflict to be resolved in an honourable duel between him and kr1sto95. He waited in vain, and finally he teleported back to Finbeleland.

The First Battle

The Boer forces awaited the savage horde in full combat gear, and thus the two armies engaged. The battlefield moved from the fields of Finbeleland into the woods—a tactical disadvantage for the army of Kovanje, which relied heavily on artillery support. venomthrope thus succeeded in taking out kr1sto95. Having rid himself of the curtain fire, he concentarted his forces on Kovio, and killed him.

During the battle, a fearless war reporter also lost his life. rib ;_;7

The Second Battle

Though the Finngols proclaimed themselves victorious, reinforcements from Kovanje soon landed on the shores of Finbeleland and recovered the equipment of the fallen. kr1sto95 prepared a trap for venomthrope and rigged the settlements floating church with TNT; a mistake set off the explosives too early, though the Finngolian forces, in disorganisation, were exposed to artillery fire. The battled continued to rage along the beach; despite brave Finngolian efforts, the Boers successfully held the high ground, allowing them to keep bombarding the Finngols, driving them into the sea.

Venomthrope, now seaborne, was suddenly attacked by Zombie Frogmen. These proved to be unreliable however, as when Kovio and kr1sto95 took to the seas as well their special forces betrayed them and turned on them. Nonetheless, their constant cannonfire succeeded in keeping Finngolia's fleet at distance. The fighting continued inconclusively, though, outnumbered and taking constant damage, venomthrope's eventual defeat became inevitable. Riddled with arrows, he shipwrecked on the shore, and opted for a hasty retreat.

Kovio and kr1sto95 had successfully asserted Kovanje's claim to Finbeleland, and no Finngol was ever sighted in the region again.

After the famous battle, the territory fell to the reformed Republic of Alempois, which seceded from Kovanje. The great Finngol Divider was built, to keep the Finngols from invading the holy lands of Alempois.


The songs of the Kovanje Vrystaat glorify the victory wrought from the hands of fate that day.

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We fought them at the Coln'y, 'twas just the other day
They laid an ambush in our path - we went another way
To capture Venom and stop a fearful war
The Kovanj' Swine, Battx Brigades and the old KRA.

On the twenty second of Febu' of twenty-thirteen
We fought the Finnabele at the Battle of Venbezi.

We formed a laager on the hill at mid-day for to rest
We saw a Finngol regiment towards the west
We swung the seven-pounder 'round; let a big one fly
And from the east the Finngol gave their battle cry.

On the first day of November of eighteen ninety-three
We fought the Matabele at the Battle of Bembezi.

The wild Finngol with the fierce Venom on the right
Came charging from the northern bush, they were a fearful sight
And near 6000 warriors - we stopped them on the run
The bravest of the brave could never match the Maxim sword.

On the 22nd of Febu' of twenty thirteen
We fought the Finnabele at the Battle of Venbezi.


P_P_A sells four of the original arrows fired during the battle as souvenirs for 2 Emeralds each.

Nothing of significance, though venom had been turned into a pin cushion.

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