Federation of Aestland

Federation of AestlandAistijos federacija
Capital Romuva
Official Languages English
Demonyn Aestian
Government Oligarchy
Establishment 4-4-15
Population 5'ish
Abbreviation FoA

The Federation of Aestland was the first city-state of Alpha's Realm. After a prolonged period of inactivity, it was annexed by the Holy Danikan Commonwealth as a duchy on the 4th of Cotober 2015. In december 2015 it's old players and some new ones became active again, the federation lives once more.

Founded on the second day of the fourth month of 2015 by the three Aestian autists (Baltman, Spekus and Pixycan) as a city state. The state of Aestland was the first ever city state. In a way you could say that 3 tribes fused. There was a fourth main member, a “lost tribe of israel” so to speak, he lives a bit further away in the mountains, he used to live in an exclave. His name is Eimixlt. Two days after it's creation it grew in to a nation.

Not long after becoming a nation, the population of Aestland shrank. Many of its citizens left, never to be seen again. After a long period of utter inactivity, Kaiser P_P_A of the Holy Danikan Commonwealth annexed the dead naiton in typical Shakomatic fashion. He, his predecessor Austrobernd, and June inspected the land, replaced a heathen monument with a cross, and put up Commonwealth flags. The flags and the cross were later destroyed and it's old holy symbols were put up once again. The Commonwealth administration immediately invested into improving the infrastructure of the country, moving ugly cobble paths spanning the ocean underwater. Further plans were stalled by the threat of war from Ender.

After the people of Aestland became active again, they started building and improving the federation's infrastructure.

Happily isolated on a few islands and the tip of a continent in the far east. We have lots of sand and very little trees, we no gib.

The duchy has been nullified, it's presidency is belongs to Baltman.

The first of the Commonwealth's infrastructure projects.

Eastern part of country (Mainland) was industrial hub which was proud of its dangerous advanced railway system and ugly practical bridges. Western part of country used to be strong cattle production hub, but after deciding to slaughter all cows they switched to producing Fascism. The western part also produces a nice amount of wool. The country was found on the western islands which did not have any trees, to compensate inhabitants started planting trees everywhere including underground caves and sea as a result aestlanders enjoyed having rich sources of wood

We severely lack gfs, please respond.

Our ancient monument which was defiled by the christians, now it stands once more.

The Danikan commonwealth tried to destroy Aestland's holy traditions of satanism, yet it did not work as old belief rose like a pheonix from the dust of christ. Some of the architecture is reminiscent of fascist architecture. Trees are considered a sensitive part of the ecosystem worth protecting.


We had a Slovenian minority playing with us. They represented 2/7 of the nation's population.

  • Baltman
  • Spekus
  • Pixycan
  • Eimixlt
  • Deivis
  • ZeDolla ?????
  • Fcreeper
  • Bernardas
  • Kljud
  • Zerghunter
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