Pay him with sticks

A meme which arose when both Keresztanya and Lord_Uxbridge compensated ca for teleporting them by presenting him with sticks; to which ca replied: “Why the fuck does everyone keep paying me with sticks?!”. And thus a new mene has been born'd.

Perhaps the lulziest use of this meme came when ca became incredibly butthurt over being killed for entering an area that was clearly marked to indicate that Kurwans were not allowed without a special pass, despite loosing nothing in the process. He demanded for the state of Battkhortostan to pay him two diamonds reparation. Instead, the glorious Brother-Leader and Guide of the revolution remarked that “two sticks” had been placed in the Kurwan embassy for him. Ca was still butthurt, but everyone else laughed and not a further fuck was given by anyone but ca that day.

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