No static maps are available at this time given the current world's (Oceania) lack of exploration laziness. There is however a 'live' map of all explored and crafted topography available using Google Maps.

Alpharealm New Map the map is updates every 24 hours at 3AM CET + the time it takes to render the changes, expect 3:30AM CET
The Following is a map Put out by the Waldish Cartographic Service detailing traverable and partially traversable water routes across the Globe.
Map of Global waterways1)

Central Locations

An annotated map pointing out the locations that act as transport, trade or production hubs is presented below

Cartography Services

The Alpha nations keep a Detailed record of All Civilized lands of the Map. Any regions not found on this map are considered to be Regions of the savage and hold no protection by the International Community.

Proceed here and mind the gap.

Second Era Map (1.7)

Second Era Map (1.7)

Outdated: this map spans an ~1500-block circle area around Old Spawn when there was barely anything built. Many of these rivers have since been altered.
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