World Regions

  • The Northwest Frontier - This region holds the continents of Danik and New Vriginia and other surrounding territories.

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A map of the Northwest

* Aneus - Otherwise Known as the Continental Sprawl. Aneaus is the Massive Continent that takes up the majority of the Map


  • Danik - Named after the original Breshikan homeland of Danik, this is a land of fractal biomes. Seperated from many other landmasses, Danik is host to a number of Settlments including the Arch-Duchy of Avence, the Duchy of Neu Wissendorf and the Duchy of Tasunia. Danik is next to the continent of New Virginia.
  • Mari - Mari is the well known nameof the biodome settlment that once held spawn and is also the name of the Greater cntinet that sits at the center of our world. Host to more settlments than can be named Mari is the oldest of the Continents.
  • New Virginia - Originally claimed as a Colonial posession of Breshik, the Claim to New Virginia was gifter to Yugotexas to Start a nation. Emmerians soon moved to the continent causing the New Virginia Territorial Divisions Dispute

Ocenas and Seas

  • Connous Depths - A colossal ocean with little to no usable surface. The players that settled here were forced to either dig deep under the oceanic bed, or to build artificial islands/palafitte settlements.
  • Sea of Kijima – A sea northeast of the spawn, host to many small settlements with an East Asian theme.
  • Shaklantic Ocean Ocean to the north of Danik and New Virginia. In the Region Known as the Northwest Frontier
  • Shakcific Ocean Ocean to the North of New Viginia. Adjacent to the Shaklantic

Political and Cultural Regions

Singular Geographic landmarks

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