Our Sea
Mare Tyrrhenum
Mare di Sanbucca
Indiri Desert
NekoNeko's Archipelago
Infraborea continent
Terra Silva continent
MAGAgascar continent
KARA BOĞA continent
Mediterranea continent
Norska(Norsca) continent

Harmony is the latest map, a map of many wastelands, hot and cold.


  • Infraborea - Infraborea, a land of ice and snow. Also known as Infa 100% Borea.
  • MAGAgascar - A big island filled with sand, wild animals and one “lively savannah reserve”.
  • KARA BOĞA - Diverse continent, roamed by Black Bulls.
  • Mediterranea - Middle continent, home to the Staff and one-time players.
  • Norska - Norska (Norsca), a harsh cold land of savage people.

Oceans and Seas


Other features

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