New Virginia Dispute
Dates 2-7-2013
Location Continent of New Virginia
Result Ongoing
Disputing Nations
flag Kingdom of Montequercus flag Serene Republic of Emmeria
flag YugoTexas flag RebelBaron

After the Kingdom of Avence (now Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik) Bequeathed its colonial claims of New Virginia and the Colony of wheaton to Yugoteax a number of diplomatic disputes arose.

Breshikan Postition

“The nation of Breshik certifies the ownership and rule of Montequercus in the region that was known as Wheaton and surrounding biomes. Breshik will defend this seeing as it was a gift from the crown. All claims to the rest of the continent must be enforced by the government of Montequercus itself. Breshik will recognize Montequercus claims to other biomes pending actual construction. Breshik also officialy recognizes the settlemnt to Emmeria and its surrounding araeas as its soverign territory. Breshik extends protectorate to both nations over the areas of ttrue ownership, but not colonial claims” Invalidated by the Treaty of March 4th

Emmerian Postition

The Most Serene Republic of Emmeria came to be during the War of Breshikian Succession which caused the Knights of Avencian Sword Brothers to seek land elsewhere during the civil war. The Leader of the Knights and a fellow soldier of the Knights came across a land where there was no markings of any civilization and layed the first foundation, via the docks and mines of Gracemeria. By dissolving the Knights, RebelBaron created the Most Serene Republic of Emmeria and was made Doge. Only after a week and a half later, did signs came up “claiming” the city to be a Fort of the Montequercus. It was then, the Emmerians learned of the Montequercus. After having PPA, Enton, and others backing up the claim that the land belongs to the Emmerians, the Montequercusians became relentless in demanding that the land is theirs.

The Emmerians are not a hostile people. However, if we are delivered with attacks from outside forces, we will make a stand.

Battkhorti Position

Battkhortostan stands with her protectorate/vassal and maintains that Montequercus is suzerian to Emmeria. Should Montequercus choose to push its claim to the territory in a future dispute, Battkhortostan will lend its support.

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