To any of whom this might concern: Please do not delete this page as it, amongst in-game monuments, serves to remember our friend, Sauerei, who sadly passed away after being in coma.

Cathedral of Sauerei

Cathedral of Sauerei
Bishop Austrobernd
Establishment 14th of June 2015
Location Wyventon

Dedicated to our beloved friend who sadly passed away. You will forever be in our hearts and memories.


A very good friend of us all passed away and we, the people on Alpha's Realm, strive to remember him, by building monuments. These are mostly built by Niller1703, both for himself and for others.


The designers of the cathedral aimed to make the main building look like Notre Dame and that the spire would make any visitors say “Notre Damn


The cathedral has one inhabitant, the Bishop.

The cathedral has copies of artifacts and lesser artifacts of Sauerei on public display in the basement (where the Bishop's chambers are as well). In a closed, locked and protected room, the holiest artifacts resides.

Inside-view from the altar
The Cathedral, as seen from Pomparley Rock (aka. Pomparley Castle)
As seen from the spire, looking upon Sauerei's wheat tower and the Wyventon Hills-sign
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