The city was founded on the same day as the kingdom

Griebed and sacked by looters, but reclaimed March 15th, 2015

The city is surrounded by large walls stretching from the Eldarian woods through the Anubial Mountains to the plains of Arcruz. Also a really extremely top ultimate secret defensive system.. shhh it's a secret.


The Castle on Pomparley Rock houses both the Golden Throne of Winterlyn, the the seat of government of Winterlyn and de facto seat of government of the city. However until construction of a City Hall and City Council, the Mayor and his administrative offices will reside in quarters of the castle.

Official Uses

The Conference Room

The Room has already solved one crisis, a mere 1 hour after it's completion.

  • The Signing of the Treaty of Sommerset
The Golden Throne Room

Used for Royal Affairs - both Winterlynian and international

  • The Crowning of King Nils I with June's carrot


The Council is one of the more notable buildings in Wyventon due to it's shitbuilt roof and majestic dome

  • In Wyvenhills, the more expensive neighborhood where the Council is located, you can find the Wyventon sign
  • Outisde of the walls you can find the House of Sauerei which is to be used as a museum and memorial
  • Pomparley Rock, which is the king's personal castle


Winterlyn celebrates many things in the capital.

The yearly anniversary of Wyventon is held in Wyventon around Christmas-time depending on when the time is convenient.

RL Events

Every year the Wyventon City Council puts up a christmas tree across from the Badfacian embassy/ Austrobernd's house in the Wyvenhills district

Wyventon “Winterlyn City”
“Karak Wynterlyn”

Local motto: “Moenia Tueria Nos”
Motto Moenia Tueria Nos
Murene Beskytte Os
The Walls Protects Us
Seat of government Pomparley Castle
Official Languages English
Demonyn Winterlynian
Loval government Noble elections
Mayor Peasant lastebil175
De Facto Leader Lord King niller1703
Establishment 8th December 2013
Population 4
Abbreviation Vinterkøbing
The Council on a sunny afternoon
The sign at nighttime
The House of Sauerei as seen from across the pond
The Castle and the Cathedral during one of the early hours of the morning
The 2015 christmas tree of Wyventon
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