Spawn Shooting“It was a self-defence, your honor”
Date 10-26-21
Location Spawn of Harmony, near the Porn Office
Result Two were shot, after that conflict was talked down and settled
Law Enforsers DanFunMan, Kloware
Perpetrators IamNotNest
Victims Hetrqs_
2 self-defined law enforsers 1 perpetrator
0 1


As a part of a Belrunia repopulation programme Kloware invited several new players to settle in his lands. Some peacefully settled down, some left the server soon after introduction. In October 26, 2021 he invited IamNotNest and Hetrqs_. Shortly after their arrival, they took some equipment from the newb chests and then, IamNotNorm started to spam in the chat, beating and killing his fellow newcomer Hetrqs_ and making unapropriate comments about everyone in the server.

Initial Reaction

As a part of mod team Salah called IamNotNest to end his misendevour and warned about possible legal consequnces.

As a part of a self-appointed private law enforcement DanFunMan despatched to Spawn to observe the situation from the Porn Office roof in case any griefing emerges.

As a Leader of Belrunia Kloware tried to pacify his citizen by smacking it with a [LSD tripper].

Escalation of Violence

At some point of events enraged IamNotNest started to insult DanFunMan and, upon seeing him observing from acacia tree nearby teleported to him via ender pearl. DanFunMan decided not to take chances shot IamNotNest is self-defence. Not knowing what to think, in a heat of paranoia DanFunMan also shot Hetrqs_ who was just walking nearby, not doing any criminal offences. DanFunMan apologized for misconduct and both IamNotNest and Hetrqs_ met that with understanding, promicing not to continue insults and suspicious behavior. Kloware didn't press any charges, this case had no ifluence on ASU - Belrunia relationships.

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