Thule Holmgang
Dates 7th February 2018
Location Thule
Result Aspergian Victory
Settlement of Vargsund Kingdom of Aspergia
Leaders and Commanders
7 3
Many 0

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A missionary arrived at Thule and began mercilessly slaughtering peasants working on the fields until he was driven out.

Before The Battle

A duel or holmgang was proposed between said missionary Austrocat and the settlements leader Cuckboy97 but instead every side geared up for a battle. Tomocat arrived at Thule and provided much needed assistance to the vikings. There was also a raid on the encampment of the aspergians, in which the vikings took over a vessel.

The Battle

After one recon flight the aspergian scouts fired the first shots on the thulean Fortification. However due to the vikings good positions the first attacks were repelled but soon it became clear that the settlers of Thule were out-geared. After a draining battle of attrition their equipment couldn't be replaced and whats left couldn't be reached anymore. What followed was a one sided spawn killing.

The aftermath

The aspergians went on partying and drinking on their victory and invited the vikings as a gesture of friendship too.


Most of the thulean gear was destroyed and their settlement was heavily damaged during the fight.

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