Nation Thulê
Location 469/64/-7398
Local Languages English, Norwegian, Short Twig Norse
Government Germanic Kingship
Jarl cuckboi97
Establishment 02-02-2018
Population ~12
ASC/S Independant
Official Religion Norse Paganism and Norse Catholicism
Official Anthem(s) På Vikingtokt

Vargsund is a Norwegian settlement that resides in the northernmost section of the Alpha realm map. The settlement was built along a large sound and maintains a strict Migration-era Viking culture and architectural building code. The settlement or “Thule” was formed by Jarl cuckboi97 and his loyal Housecarl theloneranger1 (Also known as Sam_Hyde) on february 2nd, 2018.

After traveling north for over two hours, in search of the perfect homeland they were met by an untouched continent in the northeast, the Jarl and Housecarl built the first Longhouse which to this day acts as the town center. After getting their bearings they officially formed the Vargsund clan (Clan tag is Nord) which is as of 2/9/2018 six members strong.

Holmgang Siege

On february 4th Jarl cuckboi97 challenge Austrocat, a missionary who had previously terrorized the settlement in the name of God, to a Holmgang (A traditional Norse duel to settle disputes). On february 5th 2018, theloneranger1 discovered Austrocat building an invasion camp, and promptly struck him down avenging the peasants he slaughtered. Finally on february 6th 2018, Vargsund was laid siege upon by the Aspergia clan. Holmgang Battle (Part of the Thulean-Aspergian Rivalry

A list of buildings not key to Vargsunds history or buildings that lack their own sub section thus far.

  1. Huskarlar Langhus|Military Longhouse, barracks and meadhall.
  2. Borgund Stave Church
  3. HMS Ragnarök Longboat
  4. Ansuz Rune
  5. Stonehenge
  6. Stable
  7. Guest House
  8. Gothi Smegma's home
  9. Mateo's shit stack with no roof
  10. hamsta567's comfy abode
  11. Small Viking home [Residency Available]
  12. Rivers Tavern Hall
  13. Market
  14. Several rack houses with docks (Not sure what they're called)
  15. Muscovy Embassy
  16. Rail line to spawn, built by the generous Muscovites.

Bjørkøya Island

Bjørkøya is a Viking settlement that lies directly south east of Vargsund, across the sound. It was established on February 9th 2018 out of religious turmoil and persecution of the recently converted Norse Christians by Pagan aggressors. The island is a Forest Hills biome of small to medium size and has a taming population of wolves and boar.

Life on Bjørkøya is simple, the inhabitants hunt, fish and have a fair amount of wheat agriculture visible from the sea. Since religious persecution these Celtic Christian still maintain contact with their former kinsmen and will occasionally hold feasts and games as a sign of good faith.

Local Bjørkøya landmarks and surroundings

  • Bjørkøya Långhus
  • 4 small homes of typical Norwegian construction
  • Windmill displaying a former Pagan symbol
  • 2 farms on the East and West sides of the island. One farm has a shack to go along with it.
  • A medium sized longship in it's port, ready to see action, travel or simply fish.

Fort Kuk

Fort Kuk is a small military installation on the eastern shores of Vargsund built out of necessity for a reliable defensive position after the Holmgang Battle and is a stepping stone in the Nords history and quick rise to becoming a military power. The fort is located on an island that originally connected with the mainland, but was dug away and turned into an oceanic motte. The walls are made from stone bricks and are at least ten meters high and three meters thick at any point. Several watch towers guard the perimeter and soldiers sleep in the two keeps watching for any raiders coming from foreign lands.

Vargsund raids, fishes, raises cattle and chicken and does permaculture.

Life is simple in Vargsund, they follow Norse code and remain relatively peaceful lest a hostile stranger comes across the Thule. Some stupid ass nigger Polack named Istavan keeps killing our cows. As of April 24th 2018 Vargsund has been populated by local Grug's hailing from the Iron tribe. They protect the town from most threats such as spiders, zombies and skeletons.

Jarl cuckboi97 decides on all matters such as building permits, and his Huskarl advises him and carries out his will when he is absent.

  1. ETERNAL QUEEN cuckgirl69|Deceased
  2. Jarl cuckboi97
  3. Huskarl theloneranger1/Sam_Hyde
  4. Gothi Smegma
  5. Portuguese Nigger mateo3331
  6. Local Slovak Akrousek
  7. Brit Bong georgebuck02
  8. Strayan Balthazarr_
  9. Strayan hamsta567
  10. EarRape333 the great
  11. Imam Rivers
  12. Dane svend246

theloneranger1 has a wild west town 3,000 blocks away called Armadillo. Come visit!

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