Accession Treaty of Nautica into Mercymnius

We, the People of Mercymnius, are extremely happy and full of pride in accepting the Nautic Syndicate as a province and AustroBernd as its Grand Admiral. We recognize the blood of the people of Nautic Syndicate like ours and not as strangers.

The charge of Grand Admiral gives unlimited powers in cases of domestic policy, but for cases of foreign ones the Admiral will have to ask a Vote to the Emissary (Paper). He will serve the People in the best of his abilities and keep them safe with his own voice.

The properties of BellTower and NebisTown's will also be Nautic Syndicate's ones and vice versa.

Being a Pizzanigger means not only to be born in Italy, but also repudiate acts of tyranny as the King Sidmarcus the First did even before the foundation of BellTower and love the diplomatic negotiations.

Austrobernd will change the status of the Nautic Syndicate from “City-State” to “Settlement”, as was done with BellTower before. And the code ASC / S will be MRC-NS. The background of the flag will show the colors of Mercymnius.

This will mark deeply our link, along with a direct one to the Nether Station under the Capital.

Paper 2016/01/16 14:38
Austrobernd 2016/01/16 14:43

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