The Treaty of Tomokia-Winterlyn

On the 28th of June, in the year of our Lord, 2015, the two heavenly rulers, King niller1703 and Tomoko Kuroki, decided that niller wanted to secede some of his province, known as East Wmizc. The two met at the Second Convention of Pomparley where they discussed the terms, and then went out into the field mark out the new borders.

The Second Pomparley Convention


  1. Austrobernd (Danikia)
  2. Tomoko (Tomokia)
  3. niller1703 (Winterlyn)


  1. Creation of Tomokia

The Treaty of Winterlyn-Tomokia

The king of Winterlyn, King NIls I and the former Shogun of Kanshoku, Tomoko, agrees to the secession of parts of the area known as East Wmizc

The area will be known as The Kingdom of Tomokia and will not be used for any aggresive actions. The city reserves the right to act diplomatically, but may not declare war on any other nation, citystate or settlement.

The kingdom may not be used by other nations to commit vile and aggresive actions against any nation, citystate or settlement. Evventhough the area will fall under the Empire of Kriegstein, it cannot be used by Kriegstein or its allies for aggressive purposes. The free city, as it may be classified as, can defend itself from raids or aggressive actions, and may call in support against attackers, and can also engage in counterattacks, but according to this treaty, neither canclaim any war spoils other than loot, in case of Tomokia winning the battle and/or war. Any nation or citystate may set up diplomatic buildings in Tomokia, but Tomoko reserves the right to find appropriate plots for such buildings.


King Niller1703 of Winterlyn, member of the Triumvirate, Mountain-king, ruler by the heavenly madate

  • I, the king of Winterlyn agrees to this treaty

Kurioki Tomoko, of the Kingdom of Kriegstein and Ares

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