This treaty is in all ways void, as no longer do all of the involved nations exist.

Khaldun-Condeura Alliance Treaty

As is stated in the followed of this document, there shall come to be an agreement between the very just Modern Republic of Condeura, and the noble Kingdom of Karak Khaldun. This agreement shall be comprised of all of the below statements, and is to be followed to the fullest of each party's capabilities. Consequences of the refusal of said statements after a point in which the document is signed shall be described within this very same treaty. As for the agreement upon this written document, it has been passed between the two parties to have the statements of the other inspected, and thus has been created in a fair and collaborated effort.

Statement One: Should one of the civilizations of this treaty be under attack by another entity that is suitable for war under the parameters of the server's current “Rules of Engagement”, then the other party, if unhindered by any intervention by the Staff, by request of the first party, or by any hindrances in communication, shall come to the aid of the first party.

Statement Two: Both parties of this document shall henceforth declare themselves as allies unto all whom may ask. If either party is to deny this pure and true fact, then they are to be considered as of having broken the treaty, as they would be untrustworthy in times of war.

Statement Three: In this final statement of this righteous and dignified article, it is decided that upon disrupting the above two statements of this treaty, a fine or secession is to be paid. This secession is to be paid to the nation that was wronged by the opposite party in the form of five times one hundred emeralds. Should the secession be incapable of being paid by the wrongful party, then they shall be forced into a debt, and for each month in which the payment is not fulfilled, a fee of five times ten iron will also be paid. In addition to the price of secession for violating this very just and soundly written document, the treaty shall henceforth be considered void in Statements One and Two. However, in spite of this, Statement three shall remain enacted until the fee is repaid, or until one party absolves the guilty party and removes their fee.

King Shakomatic of karak Khaldun, Lord under the Mountian 2014/01/18 05:01

King Darynu, rightfully crowned of the Modern Republic of Condeura, and writer of this document

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