The Waldsican Empire, Empire of Condeura, and the Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik do hereby recognize the following;

  • The Terrorist known as Buggernuts will have his Breshikan Criminal Record Expunged pending good behavior and civility in Breshik.
  • The Condeurians will establish a trade Station at the continental divide, at the meeting of the Breshik and Waldsic borders.
  • The Kingdom of Breshik holds right over all lands on Danik previously bequeathed to the State of Emmeria.
  • The Annexation of Wheaton by the Waldsicans is a accepted by the Breshikans and Condeurians.

R. Shakomatic 2013/03/05 02:01

— Emperor RebelBaron of the Waldsican Empire

— Baron Darynu of Terra Patria, Provence of The Empire of Condeura, and Diplomat of Condeura.

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