Swampland Iron Works
Location 1111, 666
Local Language English
Government Unionized Corporation
Executive withDueProcess
Establishment 11-11-20
Population ~88
Nation Swampland

An industrial hub, located on the southern peninsula of Swampland.

Initially a dirt hovel, which was abandoned by an unknown swamplander. Later surveyed by withDueProcess as a good site for projects, in boating distance of living quarters in Marshbeau. The first farm built was the Ironworks, which operates as needed today. It also has Gunpowder, Ghast tears, Skeleton Grinder, Wheat and Seed farm, and an endless supply of red poppies.

Primarily Iron sold at Spawn market. Sales of bulk gunpowder and strings.

Home to free-range cattle, Swampland Iron Workers Union Members, and a small defense force of Zombie Piglins in Iron Armor.

Executive withDueProcess

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