Skellie Farm

Skellie Farm lies on the eastern continent next to Eyjan hvita. It consists of the mountains next to Eyjan Hvita, and anything on that side of the river in the east until you reach the large northern pine forest. The most notable parts are Krille3's mountain fortress and the town Skellsborough founded by Speermen.

Free Lands of Skellie Farm
The temporary revolutionary flag of Skellie Farm
Location (4400;1300)
Local Languages English
Government Something that is not Shako
Leaders Speermen
Establishment 5th of June 2015
Population 2

Nomadic time of Speermen

Sometime around the first of may, Speermen initially joined the server, saying to himself: “I want to build a fuckton of yurts!” He then found a free spot on the map, on the eastern continent, walked the long way into the seemingly untainted wild of the continent and set up shop on some plains. He stuck to himself and built a little village of red and white tents. Here he lived pretty good, well, after a kind stranger had given him two stacks of potatoes, so he had something to eat.

The Great Journey

Speermen then invited his friend Krille3 to play on the server with him. The two of them repeated the travel from spawn to village. Krille saw some pretty sweet mountains on the way, and decided to hollow out one of the mountains for his personal fortress. Two days later, Speermen found out that nomadic life sucks. He then took down one of his tents, abandoned the rest of the village and moved all of his valuable stuff to the coast near Krille3. This journey was, even though it was shorter, harder than the first one, because he had to move his livestock consisting of sheep and mooshrooms with him.

The Founding of Skellie Coast

Speermen then built some houses and Krille built his fortress, an impressive set of halls inside the mountain, held up by pillars of quartz. Speermen decided to move out of his pretty but crappy shack and began the building of better houses inspired by Oxenfurt and Novigrad in The Witcher III. A flag was designed and the settlement as a whole was named Skellie Farm because of the skeleton spawners Speermen had found underground.

The surroundings is filled with degenerate russian architecture. It is therefore only fit for the erection of swastikas composed of dicks

Skellie farm has a sizable and developing agricultural economy, where sheep, cows and mooshrooms are bred and slaughtered when necessary. the nearby forest is currently being chopped down, which provides plenty of logs. The only thing the town of skellsborough is in need of is citizens. OI, EVERYONE. GET IN HERE!

As of 19. August 2015, skellie farm is now independent from the Commonwealth. The settlement is under sovereign rule of Krille3's order and Speermen, King of Skellsborough.

As of 5. september 2016, skellie farm is now abandoned after a war fought for the bay with the skellian government in absentia.

Right now Krille3 and Speermen is the only inhabitants in Skellie Farm, SO GET IN HERE, FOLKS!!!

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