Genova (Or Генова)
Location 576 64 1288
Local Languages Italiano
Italiano (Cyrillic)
Government Direct Democracy
Founders Paper
Establishment 2020-04-05 (ISO 8601)
Population 3

Genova (Or Генова) is the capital of Mercymnius.
It is a small coastal town overlooking the Sanbucca Sea and immersed in a birch forest


Genova was founded with the same name as the settlement where Paper, Shiy4n, and DocMerlus lived until the land was returned to the crown territories on 2021-04-02.

Genova is a city surrounded by water: it has two rivers, respectively to the west and east, that act as a natural border for the city.
It is located in a particularly hilly area and is currently poorly lit allowing various monsters to spawn during the night.

Genova's Borders


As a mining settlement, the economy depends entirely on whatever sticks out of the ground, from cobblestone to diamonds.

Occasional undead raids and nonstop swearing and bitching by the inhabitants are the major happenings of the village.

The settlement is auto governed by its own residents through Direct Democracy.

  • Paper
  • Shiy4n
  • DocMerlus
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