Reichskomissariat Krim

Райхскомисариат Крим
not nazi
Location -218,-2444
Local Languages Ukrainian
Government nationalist
Leader Steppan_Bandera
Establishment 31-8-14
Population 1

Krim is a ukrainian settlement on small peninsula

founding/time period

in 14, Krim was founded by Steppan_Bandera and declared independence from evil communist dictatorship Banania and Entonov who attack Steppan_Bandera

Krim will be liberated by Bananian troops very soon.

MBBN Utka M14 Time to fire

anti-terrorist operation

Bananian terrorists infiltrated Krim and Bananian tank aim threateningly, so Steppan_Bandera build a tank also to defend Krim

Krim is named after Crimean Peninsular in real life in Russia, it is a small peninsula at the edge of swamp near 2ch city

write about minerals here

Krim is ruled by Ukrainian social-nationalist party (NOT NAZI) and the leader is Steppan Bandera

only Ukrainians, Onionlanders were removed already all Bananians are terrorists and will be kill on sight </WRAP>

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