Hisn alAqim

Hisn alAqim is a restored piglin bastion that is centered on that which is hidden and buried. The piglins restored after finding ancient cities in the overworld (from their bastion of Hisn alInsaniya).

Hisn alAqim
Location x -2552 z -3378 (netherworld)
Local Languages Guttural
Leader Salah
Population ~25
Establishment 10/10/2022

The name translates to “Bastion of the Deep”, the reason is its relation to the deep and profound in earth, the nether and the soul.

The piglins restored the settlement in late 2022. As a bastion restored with pieces of ancient cities it holds a special relation to the earth and what lies beneath it. As such it also has the largest reservoir of water and mud in the netherworld.

The bastion lies beneath nether wastes, just slightly jutting out of them. Portals opened in ancient cities lead to it and the soul torches found in them are direct evidence of the nether denizens' history in the ancient cities.

The sections include, but not limited to:

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