Location 300, -730 map
Local Languages English, Russian
Government Prince and Council
Leader Prince zhabka_zhaba
Establishment 22-08-2020
Population 2

Bologna is the Genoese colony.

Bologna was established in June by grilled_cheems

Bologna is located in Mesa biome.

Citizens of Bologna focus on building colony centres and various cultural structures.

Residents take part in developing of the infrastructure.


Genoa/Bologna is managed by Prince and Council.
1. The Prince holds the highest public office in Genoa and always has a decisive vote. He may veto proposals on major and minor issues. The Prince can endorse temporary committees to solve local / specific problems, as well as other state entities.
2. The High Council is convened to resolve issues of national importance. The High Council consists of the Prince, Counselors and civilians (in special cases).
3. Any resident of Genoa is not limited in his advancement in the social and career ladder. Civilians can participate in the High Council if the issue relates to their private buildings.


All buildings are divided into 4 groups. 1. Private buildings. This building belongs to a specific player and is controlled only by him and the High Council.
2. Settlement buildings. This building is owned by the government and controlled by the High Council, however, all residents of Genoa have access to it.
(Settlement farms)
3. Multi-Settlement buildings. This building belongs to the governments that built it and is managed by a special Council. Foreign governments may restrict their citizens' access to the building.
4. Public buildings. This building belongs to the government of Genoa, but can be used by all players on the server if they do not violate the rules of the server.
(Public mines)

Colonial Rulers

Prince: zhabka_zhaba
Advisors: grilled_cheems


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