City of Beartroit
Local Languages African American Vernacular English
Government Governorship
Leader Governor DeShawn
Establishment 3-28-2015
Population 3

The city of Beartroit was once a prosperous and industrious city within the Republic of Ender. Today, the city is in shambles and a former shadow of itself. Crime and poverty run rampant in this Enderian city of the far north. Enderian scholars considered sending much-needed relief and order to the city, but the state had a hands-off approach to settlements where they manage their own affairs.

One day, the Governor of Beartroit, DeShawn visited the Enderian capital and attempted to lift a television from BearMonger's studio apartment. After being told repeatedly to stop or he'd call the police, DeShawn began to punch BearMonger nearly to death before BearMonger shot him with a bow. Outraged, DeShawn declared Beartroit's independence from the Republic. Beartroit became its own independent territory.

President Hinoarashi and Speaker BearMonger discussed the situation in length and came to the conclusion that Beartroit should be granted permission to secede from the Republic. The President's concerns included a rippling cascade effect where similar uprisings could occur and the fact the Beartroit would not be policed, allowing unrest to spill into neighboring territories. Ultimately, both the President and Speaker agreed that this would ultimately not be the Republic's concern.

After this incident, Governor DeShawn declared Beartroit to be sovereign territory and himself to be the President of Beartroit.

On September 12th, 2015, the President finally issued a formal reply to Governor DeShawn's declaration that there are specific channels for the secession process and that the Governor cannot simply declare himself a sovereign entity.

Once a major city and hub of activity, most of Beartroit's highrises and architecture sit in disrepair.

What economy?

A Beartroit plumber

Don't drive by that one building that's made of Andesite. People usually get shot there.

The Governorship of Beartroit has spent and ran the city into the ground. Governor DeShawn assumed total control of Beartroit as its President.

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