Adschman Al-Ilol

Adschman Al-Ilol

Flag of Adschman Al-Ilol
Borders of Adschman Al-Ilol
Location x:-200; z:-1000
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Local Languages English
Government Theocracy
Official Religion Islamic Atheism
Leader 5Literflasche, DrFreund
Establishment 5-10-14
Population ~3
Demonyn Adschmani

founding/time period

One lazy and boring weekend 5Literflasche remembered the /int/-minecraft server and returned after a 1½ year abstinence. At first he was absolutely confused and wandered aimlessly through the realms paying tribute to the old realms until he decided to visit the Alpha realm.

Once in the current realm Flakese saved his nooby ass kindly helped him in the beginning. After building a hidden underground torture chamber vegetable garden near Elkkutown he went to the dessert to find enlightenment when Allah manifested in front of him in form of a withered bush and told him to build a theocratical state to worship the almighty one.

Convinced by these words he used all his autism power to build the new state of Adschman Al-Ilol as quick as possible to satisfy the will of Allah.

The beginning // government harem of Adschman Al-Ilol

5Literflasche quickly realized that he won't be able to build such a impressive building just by his own so he enslaved convinced his friend DrFreund to help him. Ever since DrFreund was a loyal fellow and worked in the mines to gather enough resources while 5Literflasche whiped him with a lash worked on the architecture. With this division of work the building grew quickly. After only 1½ days the building is widely finished.

Later, June decided that he wanted to build something in that settlement. At first he built a small tower on the top of the mountain near 5Literflasche's house, but when he found a staircase leading to base of the mountain and some cool, but unfinished house there, he decided to dig a huge building inside that mountain, expanding this abandoned thing. Later he found that he wants to build some cool big glass thing, but he quickly realized that mountain prevents anyone from seeing it. Frustrated about it, he removed his old ugly tower and most of the sandstone below and used it to build a castle with walls. Finally satisfied with the result, June found inner peace and is ready to explore new areas, which will be accessible with 1.8.3 patch. He also built a nether portal and a nether rail which connects to spawn.


Border of Colony#1(ESTD 19-05-15)

With the 1.8.4 update came new land. New land that yet has to be explored and claimed. On May 19th 5Literflasche set up for a long journey to find new, undiscovered land to further raise the prosperity of Adschman Al-Ilol. After a long expedition he reached the eastern edge of the world. An unexplored area rich in new minerals from the 1.8 update. The border of this new Colony streches from 6499|27 up to 6330|1027.

Two huge sand castles
Sandstone columns with settlement's name.

Adschman Al-Ilol is located in the middle of an extensive and hostile dessert therefor mining in the depths is the only big source of income. However through extensive work 5Literflasche managed to green the sparse dessert and to build a small tree farm. In the catacombs various crops were cultivated to ensure the production of food. Later some yevs from nearby village estabilished a small market near June's castle. (Afraid of children zombies).

Due to poor lighting the area is pretty dangerous during the night. Merciless zombies, skeletons and creepers traumatized the light-hearted DrFreund.

At the moment 5Literflasche is the dictatorial head of state and is in charge of infrastructure and decision making. DrFreund is minister of the education, mining and military sector.

  • 5Literflasche
  • DrFreund
  • June
  • PupsiPrincess

We welcome everyone who is willing to dedicate his life to worship the almighty Allah and to work for a starvation wage as slave in the mines.

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