Running Since April 15th, 2011
Official Languages English, German, Spanish
Demonyn Autist
Government The Staff
Leadership Administrator Feliin
Population A lot
AKA The Server

Autism is Krautchan's primary Official /int/ Minecraft server. It has a rich History, full of People, Battles, and Nations. Generally when anyone is talking about anything on this wiki, it's about something from the Autism server at some point or another.

The Server was founded in Spring 2011 and has been running for over ten years at this point.

Long ago 'The Server' was created, and the Mandate of Heaven was passed to AlphaBernd, the First One. And so God spoke to Alphabernd, saying,

Here I have created a wondrous Realm of Possibility, full of Lands, Seas, and Sky to SERVE my interests. It is a beautiful thing to me, and so I have summoned you my Prophet, AlphaBernd, to solicit others to This Place, to have them know awe in the whole of it, and to add to it with AUTISTIC ENTHUSIASM. To construct in This Place with UNIQUE, COZY, ORDNUNG, and UKRANIAN ways as you and they might see fit. But I do not desire chaos, and the GRIEF it bears. So YOU shall be my instrument in this world, YOU shall maintain its ways and control these masses as an act of SERVICE to me, and for this you shall be rewarded.1)

Taking this Divine Edict to heart, This Place of Serving, The Server, was named AUTISM. Among the Peoples of The Server this word has come to mean, 'Resolute dedication to a noble task, preceding lesser duties'.

For more formal information, see Rules

    No malicious griefing
    No malicious griefing
    Don't go around killing people at random and generally being a dick.

This means,

  • DON'T take blocks that someone else probably placed without permission.
  • DON'T attack other players that don't have it coming to them.
  • DON'T grief public or private farms by reverting tilled land to soil, not replanting, or by slaughtering livestock to extinction (always leave at least two of any animal!)
  • DO be friendly and patient
  • DO replant a garden after you use it.
  • DO report anyone you see violating the spirit of the law to a staff member

De Facto Laws

While not overtly stated, the following rules should be obeyed at all times, and ignoring them will get you banned:

  • No Hacks
  • No Duplication
  • No High jumping/flying/spidering
  • No Active lag machines

Chat in game on The Server connects with the IRC server. This means you can talk to people on IRC in-game, and people on IRC can chat with you; use this to try to find help even if no one seems to be on.

Generally, the chat language is English, however exceptions may be made and the staff badly speak a variety of languages.

The current plugins are, but not limited to:

  • AuthMe
  • Cenotaph
  • HomeSpawn
  • LogBlock
  • Shopkeepers
  • CoreProtect
  • LWC
  • SimpleClans
  • TeleportSigns
  • WorldBorder
  • SkinsRestorer
  • Dynmap

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The Holy Book of ALPHA
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