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Flakese is being horny

<Flakese> somewhere out there is a 500 sheep farm waiting for me

A total beginner at /int/ one of the first threads he read was the servers minecraft thread, having only tried minecraft classic servers in the past a screenshot of the town of Kurwa piqued his interest. Unbeknownst to him he joined the server in its last week on the first survival map and spent his time exploring by day and pondering the meaning of autism in his man cave directly beneath spawn while also dreaming up what he would add to the fray. However 1.7 only saw a single creation, a house built out of mainly cobble and glass on an artificial island less than 100 blocks away from his spawn cave ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING . Distinguishing features were a tree farm roof and a tower to the height limit which he in retrospect said to have been “pig disgusting”.

Late to rejoin the server after the new map was up and eager to make his mark in a major settlement he joined a JEW entrepreneur promising new start up about 3 minutes after he first logged in, this JEW go getter named Ghoul led him across a vast desert and through a SILLY GOYIM city to a tiny sandstone house where he was given the mission statement of the Merchant Guild which was along the lines of “we don't build, we mine to sell”. Flakese later recalled that he wanted to turn around and that point and go back to spawn to find a more promising settlement but since he had given Ghoul his word and was too dumb to find his way back to spawn he stayed. The following couple of weeks were unproductive and dull with one attempt made at a stonebrick mansion which wound up looking like a mosque, following a brief ban for getting back at Clapsaddle for being a jerk Flakese stumbled upon the idea that would define his stay.

Sand & glass

Originally planned to be built in the Sci-Fi desert a glass pyramid rose in the reclaimed land of a defunct settlement called Deseret. The building was lauded for impressive autism so he doubled down and dug the pyramid into an octahedron, but his autism's was not sated until an floating pyramid inside the octahedron was cast in obsidian. The place The numbers:

  • 20000 glass blocks
  • 3000 obsidian
  • 1500 sandstone
  • 600 Stone bricks
  • 100 lapis blocks
  • 50 gold blocks
  • approximately 120000 blocks where dug in the making of the octahedron pit

_Other 1.8 projects_

  • Spawn skyrail to Samarkand pyramid
  • The great cacti border walling in all of Samarkand
  • Merchant Guild outposts in West Rhodes, the End, Alphatown & Greenland
  • Merchant Guild Samarkand sands hotel overlooking the Alphatown rail station
  • The Samarkand cane fields and canopy extension to the pyramid
  • Flakese's study, entry in a build competition
  • The pyramid construction workers compound & cactus laboratories
  • Various paths and lesser dwellings
  • Dessert Island terraforming (unfinished)
  • Shipping canals from the original Merchant Guild compound and Samarkand to Alphatown

_Projects participated in_

  • Berndrock underground mining village and rail extension
  • Kowloon walled city
  • Redesign of spawn trade hall
  • Finished the roof of the Temple of Bernd in Alphatown
  • Samarkand town rail station

How to fugg everything up for everyone

To the dismay of the entire population Alphabernd announced his departure from the realm in early January and set a deadline for the end of the month to make other arrangements or make their peace with their autism and get lives. Faced with having to go outside again Flakese started looking around for hosting and wound up messaging a member of the Minecraft forums who had hosted before and was offering to host a server for anyone that was “serious about owning a server”. That member was omgmac who as it turned out was not serious about owning a server himself most likely because he was a immature child cunt that when asked what kind of connection he had or what his machinery was he always replied “its good enough”, which it wasn't. After less than 6 days of hosting and every single benisfaced faced friend of his he brought to the server banned omgmac started talking about stopping hosting the server, Flakese replied that it was his choice, but asked him to keep hosting until someone else could take over since 2 other members of the community were now gearing up to find more suitable hosting or that if he decided to stop before a handover to pass on the map to him for safekeeping. omgmac agreed to this, however when FlakeSe came online the day after the server was down and omgmac nowhere to be reached, the last backup of the 1.8 map has still not been recovered from omgmac.

FlakeSe did however manage to wrangle mod status from him which he retained when Te3 took over hosting which as it seems is the only good thing to have come out of the whole situation.

With a new admin came a new map and new ideas, land was claimed on the continent of Sternia and named Markadia. This was to be the new home of the Merchant Guild and a roadmap to nationhood was set, but FlakeSe was getting uneasy with restrictions on his creativity and established build style this new settlement required and left to build without regard to neighbours or the tastes of mentally lazy autists. He currently resides in the small desert of Nossrafle at X: 3150 Z: 1600.

After living for all of 3 hours by himself he was recruited by a Taco to construct in a town based on facebook, there he using the wisdom of a falcon and the imagination of an accountant built a pyramid and cane fields. Fought in the Siege of Fort Gorask defending the honour of the canefields he single handedly massacred every single mongol winning the battle.

At this point getting pretty bored and complacent he poked a bear and neighbor named Tangaloa who retaliated in true bear fashion with full force, both players being mods with access to unlimited resources things quickly turned nuclear making West Badface a smoldering crater and chat a pissing match, the damage was all rolled back but the damage to the psyche of the poor newfags in chat was permanent. Now Flakese would have you believe that he dindu nuthin beyond this to warrant demodding, but that is not the case. Flakese was known for spawning himself huge amounts of mod abused items and storing them in his own locked chests stashed throughout the map, and for using his creative powers for evil. The final straw came when Flakese tnt'd an entire desert for no obvious reason, and after months of petitioning was finally demodded by te3.

After quitting the server out of butthurt for being demodded, Flakese reappeared and began to access his hidden caches of mod abused items (e.g stacks of diamond blocks and tnt). Tangaloa reported this to other mods and the admin, but they weren't acting upon this and Tangaloa knew that if he straight confiscated them, it was likely a certain mod would return them to Flakese. Noticing at least some of the most recently accessed caches weren't protected, Tangaloa informed a known criminal and mongol agitator about their location thinking Flakese wouldn't have the gall to report stolen mod abused items. But he did. His reporting combined with his close relationship with te3 and Enton resulted in an unprecedented action of breaking into another player's account to find PROOFs of wrongdoing, which resulted in the demodding and “permaban” of Tangaloa who din du nuffin, he a good boy.

  • The Badmyd, largest single structure ever built by area. (made mostly in creative)
  • Badface lido, pool with lights and diving boards and stuff and bars & grills
  • SS Badface, a ship in a bottle without the bottle
  • Ocean spray mishap, place for deep contemplation. Or whatever, it looks pretty stylish.
  • 8-10 houses around the map
  • The Great Badfacian Cane Project, a neverending quest to make all deserts gloriously caneified
  • The Merchant Bank, incredible abstract shitbuilding which sort of looks ok if you squint

_Projects participated in_

  • Tetown spawn office building
  • Tetown hippodrome, with koentinius
  • Memorial hall messanine basement (somebody build that other horse already)
  • New Samarkand
  • 0 axis and Limbo rail projects
  • The great Nether ordnung
  • Badface nether hub and SECURITY beautification
  • The Feels generator

Kebabs removed: Dozens were banned for life for minor grief such a leaf damage at spawn.

Having retired because of excessive drama mostly of his own making he serendipitously returned on the second day of the new world, with renewed hope a fresh start was in order and the mind was quickly set on a grandiose project in the center of the known world. Work began by clearing the forest and readying the soil, however starting from scratch with weak pathetic useless iron tools demoralized him so greatly that after filling 4 doublechests of dark oak and flattening the area all feels were lost for actually starting construction. So the site fell silent, benevolent mods eventually installed a regulation sized footballfield on the plot which sadly cannot be used due to spheres being merely the stuff of myth and legends.

Months passed until feels were sufficiently recharged to start work on something worthwhile, a desert close by the original plot had been ravaged by marauding shit builders and for no real good reason the decision was made to build something there. FroggyDoggy assisted in restoring the biome to fertile grasslands replacing the by now long gone sand which had glazed most of the early buildings in the world. On this spot rose The Glowstone Sun, inspired by the sharp angles and jagged edges of the Merchant Star. It was topped by a ball of light to blind the goyim that much better, the materials for it were gathered in long journeys to the nether with the unwitting sidekick Yeti30 who was rumoured to follow a rather different ideology. Nevertheless in a great spurt of effort rose this glass palace intended as the new headquarters of the venerable Merchant Guild, but yet again feels were seriously depleted and rather than build something of value time was spent on cane fields. An ill thought out lobby to The Glowstone Sun was started connecting the main highway from spawn to all the major settlements in an attempt to create foot traffic, the project petered out after only having been 60% completed.

A year would pass. In a period of personal reflection he returned to the site set on cleaning up this eyesore finally turning it into a complex worthy of a visit by adding the jagged pyramid which houses a reflecting pool and a statue of The Golden Ponyboy. The Glowstone Sun was given a new purpose as a reading room, flora was added to the area, old shitbuildings in the way of the new pyramid were torn down, and the landscape was transformed. Even the lobby found new life as a connecting building between the two separate projects, all in all approximately 250000 blocks were shifted in the area during this period. Finally the place was named Samarkand to honour the dead and the complex as a whole the Samarkand Sanctuary.

_Day 111000 (2018+)_

* Samarkand Sanctuary * BADFACE MEMORIAL * The Zero Inn

Why are you so cute and adorable?

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