Omega Lab

Omega Lab
Location: X: 1200, Z: 1950
Creator: Orin55
Establishment: 2016

Omega Lab, also known as spawn commieblock, is a private complex located just right of spawn point that has an automated pumpkin and sugar cane available to the general public, as well as The Institute main store.

Omega Lab is directly owned by The Institute, built and maintained by the Director himself.


Main Store

The main store has MK3 synths selling Institute created goods and technological utilities.

Pumpkin and Sugar Cane generators

Being that close to spawn means those chunks never despawn, making those generators work 24/7, generating huge amounts of Pumpkin and Sugar Canes. After filling the Institute reserves of these goods, they where made public to anyone in the server. Since pumpkin ang Paper can be traded for emeralds, these generators are the main source of income of many new players.

Chicken generators

As of May 2018, experiments on a chicken goods generator are in progress. Availability to public was delayed after some incidents in machine design.

Since another incident at Nov/2018 flooded the whole building and spawn with africanized rabid chickens, the Chicken Generator has been disabled. A new model is being projected inside the Alpha Labs in the Institute, when ready it will be assembled in the Omega Labs for public use. The new chicken generator is due to early 2019.


  • Plot bought from Vaapeli(Nov/2016)
  • Old Fireworks shop demolished (Dec/2016)
  • created by Orin55 (Dec/2016)
  • Pumpkin and sugar cane generators perfected and simplified to avoid damage that can't me undone by roll backs(Jan/2017)
  • Production made public after filling more than 500 doublechests of goods.(Mar/2017)
  • Improved building design after many complaints about it's aesthetic (Set/2017)
  • 6º and 7º added for new Chicken goods generator (May/2018)
  • Chicken Generator disabled after an incident(Nov/2018)
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