The Institute

The Institute
Location Classified
Local Languages English
Government Post Scarcity Technological Utopia
Leader The Director
Establishment 10/06/2015
Population Unknown

The Institute is a shadowy advanced scientific organization, know for it's helping nature to all players and general neutrality in conflicts. It owns Omega Lab at spawn.

Founded mid 2015, the main goal of The Institute is to help the world transcend unnecessary conflicts and scarcity through technological advancements and solutions.

Not much is known about The Institute itself. Few are trusted with it's location, and even fewer with permission to visit it. The structure can be divided in six parts:

Relay Room: The main entrance of The Institute, has the access portal, security and the gate to the Main Hub.

Main Hub: The middle part of The Institute, Contains vegetation for Oxygen production and Air Purification and the main water distribution plant.

Living Quarters: Contais the main and mass storage, along with living rooms and a panic room for emergency purposes.

Synth Facility: Responsible for synth construction, development, maintenance and refinement.

Alpha Labs: Focuses on the study and creation of bio-mechanical life, bridging the gap between organic life and robotic life. Responsible for genetic and bio-engineering, medical care, crop production, pharmaceuticals and research in general

Advanced Systems: The department that maintains the building and upkeep of the institute facilities and superstructure. Responsible for life support, power distribution and maintenance. Houses the water desalination plant and the Main Endeic Reactor.

The Institute sells most of its products at the Omega Lab store at ground floor.

Slimes are a constant menace in The Institute, keeping the security synths busy most of the time. Constant non-trusted personnel invasion is also a major security issue. As of May/2018, major attacks at spawn made The Institute go into a lockdown state, where only authorized personnel are allowed to enter.

The Institute is governed by it's Director, not much else is known about intern policies and lifestyle. They live in a Post Scarcity Technological Utopia where minimal human labor is needed and most resources are abundant.

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