Inferno Castle

Dead Land
Location: Northern Map Border
Creator: Acid_Trance with help of Magnus_Boy
Creation: November 28th 2015 - present
Access: Netherrail connection to New Spawn Netherhub


Russian Resident Acid_Trance joined Alpha Realm in November 2015. While he refuses to react to the chat even when just his name is written or he is whispered to, he was witnessed using it to request trades in English on occassion. More often but still infrequently, he interacts with other Russian-speaking residents. As such, there are no comments about the project available from its creator himself.

From the looks of it, Acid_Trance pretty much went north in a straight line from New Spawn until he reached the border, and chose the secluded spot for his project. Whether or not he later implemented a nether access could not yet be verified. As such, it cannot easily be reached except by its neighbors, the residents of nearby Squid Village. As it is surrounded by a thick forest, it cannot safely be approached on horse.

The landmark was discovered on the map by officials in the second week of December. Resident RevolverKun of Squid Village volunteered to check it out and reported his findings, including footage, to the press.

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(published on December 14th 2015)

Hollow Bastion at the Northern Edge
(ur) Recently, a huge cobblestone pillar was discovered at the northern edge of Alpha Realm, piquing the interest of the press and the neighboring town. While Residents Anotsu and RevolverKun from the nearby Squid Village had ventured to the structure they can see from home, they had been unable to find hints as to its creator.
After receiving some quick investigation training, Resident RevolverKun set out once more and reported that the high outer walls were “created with lava and water” by Resident Acid_Trance since November 28th.
Carefully moving inside, the explorer was able to shoot some rather breathtaking pictures, which are collected in photo 015. Only a little later, Resident Acid_Trance himself awoke but was unable to be contacted, so he could not be asked whether his magnificent structure was named. Even so, considering its size and particularities, the stronghold should be included in the list of Alpha Realm's landmarks.

(published on February 19th 2016)
Comments by Author Obviously, the work isn't finished yet. However, lots of things, which i thought of, were realized. Idea of Dead Land came to me accidentally. Actually all this work is just an improvisation. Here are some new photos (Photos 19.03.16)

Photo 015

Photos 19.03.16

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