Squid Village
 Village with Golem.
Location X: 2330, Z: -3978
Local Languages Russian, English
Government Democrasy
Leaders RevolverKun, Anotsu
Establishment 24 November 2015
Population 2 + NPCs
 Main corridor with some stuff.
Main corridor with some stuff.

First there was nothing. But the person, who wanted a better life, came here and said “And so there will be… something good”.

In 17th November one person tried to run as far as he can from spawnzone. But when he reached Z: -4000 coordinates, he understood one thing - he can't pass beyond this barrier. So there became plan B - make a house right here. But expirienced with bad friefers, which can find anything on a surface, he started digging for himself a hideout. Many stone pickaxes was broken and many cows and zombies killed, but in 19th November digging was over, new home was protected from any bad person and could exist in offline for many years.

Some days later was healed first zombie-villager, which bursting throw the door over 5 hours before. But he can't live in underground, so for him was built new house on surface. Then was healed another zombie and same for him - was built a house. And so we have small, but friendly village for everyone and good protected hideout for 2 people.

Extreme Hills. Always high ground, lots of stone and many coal on surface. Right on north-west - snowy mouintain with big waterfall, on a south - not so easily passable river with high riversides. If you go straight on the west, after over 450 blocks you'll see a very huge tower with a temple inside. (Let's hope it's not for aliens or demons.) This area is an edge of this map, you can't pass farther on north. Village surrounded with 2-metres stone wall and perfectly protected from monsters, so you can wait the morning here or even trade with villagers. Behind village - iron doors, which can open only on other side and east way to the hideout.

This hideout and village provides with themselves. In hideout few small farms with a wheat, carrot and melon with pumpkins. Also, some cows and sheeps. Surplus food and materials gives for villagers on surface in exchange for emeralds and some servises.

Except villagers, here in hideout live 2 persons - RevolverKun and Anotsu. Collective home, but separate chests and furnaces. All for security.

They are simple, but important:

1. Don't kill villagers. Everyone of them on a list and everyone just trying to survive.

2. Don't try to go/dig to hideout without reasons and/or steal/kill our things/animals. “I just want to look” is not a reason. There is nothing special. Absolutely.

3. Better do not build your homes near us.

Don't break these rules and everyone will be happy.

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