The Flower Farm

The Flower Farm
Establishment September 2015
Location X: 1750, Z: 1850

The Public Semi-Automatic Flower Farm was built by Santikaye on an empty flower forest biome located between a group of sharp hills, east of a relatively uninhabited region which later became Spawn City.

Apart from the over-abundant poppy, and the common dandelion, all kinds of tulips as well as alium and azure bluet can be collected with little manual labour in the farm. However, due to the apparent “fated” nature of block coordinates, moon daisy does not spawn on the farm; even though it does spawn south of it.

As the farm works with dispensers that have to be manually filled with bonemeal, it is ideal to keep them filled to the brim to avoid frequent refills. Therefore, the farm welcomes donations of bone or bonemeal to keep it constantly running.

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