feati's Cathedral

feati's Cathedral
Population 1
Establishment October 2014
Coordinates X -2400, Z -1400

β€œIt takes forever to build and it makes me feel pretty autistic.” – feati, its builder

November 2014

Right after the server update to 1.8.3, Guardians started to be sighted around and beneath the Cathedral.

After spending a few hours diving beneath the Cathedral trying to find the Ocean Monument that spawned the Guardians, the search was abandoned in favor of a new hypothesis: Guardians don't need a monument to spawn. All they need is a deep ocean biome and water blocks with some kind of ceiling above them.

While building a farm to make use of the endlessly spawning Guardians, one actually spawned from a single block of water at bedrock level but was mercilessly struck down not much later.

Soon after, the farm reached a functionable level, but like the Cathedral itself, it can expected to remain under development until the server shuts down.

For a more elaborate farm built from a real Ocean Monument, please visit the Sigfell Island Monument.

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