Server Law

Server law is composed of both basic notions of justice, and sometimes of complex user drafted rules approved by the staff. The staff also may impose binding decisions on players in a dispute.

  • No griefing (taking from others without consent, destroying buildings without consent, intentionally causing others technical issues, etc)
  • No unsolicited PvP (with exception to the Random World PvP Aggreement or equivalent)
  • Only the Staff can officially define and dispense Justice.

Nationhood Law Reform: Approved

  • 26 / Feb / 2012
  • Server rules reform
  • Proposed by: Texasball a.k.a. YugoTexas, Sponsored by Cabst.
  • Status: APPROVED (both reforms)
  • All existing nations and nationhood appliants are obligated to comply the new territorial laws.

Mobgrinders Bill: Approved

  • 19th / May / 2012
  • Server rules reform
  • Proposed by Koentinius
  • Status: APPROVED

The International Rules of Engagement

Planned Battle Guidelines

Random World PvP Agreement

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