Random World PvP Agreement

The following players have agreed to forfeit the chance of moderator justice in the case of random world PvP amongst themselves. Any player on this list may kill or be killed by any other player on this list without repercussions. Items are no longer guaranteed and may be kept. Admins and mods are barred from signing this agreement. Signatories of this list must continue to follow the basic battle guidelines when in conflict with non-signatories, and vice versa (ie, non-signatories may not freely kill signatories).

  • Only admins, and mods are allowed to add others to the list.
  • Any player may add themselves to this list.
  • Players breaking the rules especially with regards to illegal PvP are added to the list and may not remove themselves.

You may be removed from the list on request. It will remain active one hour after your removal. On issues that may come up regarding tampering with the list to avoid PvP, the agreement will be upheld for the instance of conflict.


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