The Theft of the Power Hour

On August 19, 2015, the king of Breshik, Shakomatic, attempted the theft of a Condeurian tradition, attempting to use it for his own meager culture. The Condeurians first learned of this attack on their most sacred rite of Power Hour when Kitty4fun was greeted by Shakomatic, prompting Kitty4fun to announce the presence of a Condeurian Power Hour. Shakomatic then told Kitty4fun that he was wrong, and that it was instead Breshikan Power Hour. The King of Lanno-Condeura, Darynu, then arrived, yelling a battle cry in order to announce his presence. This frightened the frail, outnumbered King of Breshik, who then took back his claims over the tradition of Power Hour. Darynu and Kitty4fun then had much revelry in the act of declaring their most revered celebration, and all was well.

Shakomatic, Thief of Celebrations
Dates 8-19-15
Location Non-specific
Result Shakomatic surrenders
Shakomatic Lanno-Condeura
Leaders and Commanders
Shakomatic Darynu
1 2
0 0

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