SLAVSKLAD: Epic automatic item storage system

Big empires require big storage. The Slav Sklad is engineered to have the following features.

Automatic bulk unloading

How to do it

Stand in the South-East corner, put your stuff in minecart, then go mind your business, cart will autounload. The storage only works for “Block of ” items, if you have less than a full block, put it into the chest near the minecart, then craft blocks when you have enough.

Filter operation and maintenance

All filters are accessible from the maintenance walkway. In case anything happens to me, here's how to do it. Both first are equivalent, chose between them depending on how precious the item is. Items stacking to 16 shown in design 3 with eggs. Unstackable items can not be sorted.

Current filter settings

Starting from South-Western corner, counterclockwise:

# Items # Items # Items # Items
1 Ender Pearls 9 Birch Wood, Birch Wood Planks¹, Birch Wood Slab¹, Birch Wood Stairs¹, Birch Fence¹, Birch Fence Doors¹, Birch Door¹, Birch Sapling¹, Birch Leaves¹ 17 Wool, All colored Wool¹ 25
2 Cobblestone 10 Dark Oak Wood, Dark Oak Wood Planks¹, Dark Oak Wood Slab¹, Dark Oak Wood Stairs¹, Dark Oak Fence¹, Dark Oak Fence Doors¹, Dark Oak Door¹, Dark Oak Sapling¹, Dark Oak Leaves¹ 18 Block of Quartz, Pillar Quartz Block¹, Chiseled Quartz Block¹, Quartz Slab¹, Quartz Stair¹, Glowstone¹ 26
3 Stone, Cobblestone Wall¹, Cobblestone Slab¹, Stone Slab¹, Cobblestone Stairs¹ 11 Acacia Wood, Acacia Wood Planks¹, Acacia Wood Slab¹, Acacia Wood Stairs¹, Acacia Fence¹, Acacia Fence Doors¹, Acacia Door¹, Acacia Sapling¹, Acacia Leaves¹ 19 Wheat 27
4 Netherrack, Nether Brick¹, Nether Brick Slab¹, Nether Brick Stairs¹, Nether Brick Fence¹ 12 Spruce Wood, Spruce Wood Planks¹, Spruce Wood Slab¹, Spruce Wood Stairs¹, Spruce Fence¹, Spruce Fence Doors¹, Spruce Door¹, Spruce Sapling¹, Spruce Leaves¹ 20 Baked Potato 28
5 Sand 13 Oak Wood, Oak Wood Planks¹, Oak Wood Slab¹, Oak Wood Stairs¹, Oak Fence¹, Oak Fence Doors¹, Oak Door¹, Oak Sapling¹, Oak Leaves¹ 21 Rail, Powered Rail¹, Detector Rail¹, Activator Rail¹ 29
6 Sandstone, Sandstone Slab¹, Sandstone Stairs¹, Chiseled Sandstone¹ 14 Jungle Wood, Jungle Wood Planks¹, Jungle Wood Slab¹, Jungle Wood Stairs¹, Jungle Fence¹, Jungle Fence Doors¹, Jungle Door¹, Jungle Sapling¹, Jungle Leaves¹ 22 30
7 Dirt 15 Block of Iron 23 31
8 Diorite, Granite¹, Andesite¹, Polished Diorite¹, Polished Granite¹, Polished Andesite¹ 16 Block of Redstone, Block of Gold¹, Block of Emerald¹, Block of Diamond¹, Lapis Lazuli Block¹ 24 32 Any unsorted item

¹ Filter unimplemented yet, do it manually for now. Soory about that.

Store usage indicators

Each item column has 5 full double chests + few hoppers. The vertical gauge indicates how filled the store is. (Note the bottom indicator doesn't work yet)

Unloading progress indicator

As the rail goes, the progress bar fills up. You can use it to track time until minecart returns.

SLAVRAIL: New rail system proposal for 1.5

We on the slavislands have some nice ideas about the railwork automation with upcoming 1.5 tools and since the nether is probably going to be reset that things might come in handy for the whole server.

Motivation and description

Manual track selection sucks. There are numerous on-the-rail track selection solutions but some people vouched for a complete lay-back system when you would only select a destionation once when getting inside the minecart. The core idea is to make use of analog properties of a redstone signal and use the signal strength as a code for the required destination or hub. The signal would travel along under the rail and direct the switch to a corresponding rail.


  1. The user must be able to select a destination once.
  2. There should be a single rail, or 2 rails for opposite directions max.
  3. Optionally the user should have a manual intervention control should he change his mind.
  4. The system should be able to serve multiple users at once.
  5. The system should not malfunction because of misuse (e.g. riding in opposite direction).

Technical limitations

  1. Redstone signal may have 15 states, therefore a maximum of 15 stations can be served at one hub. Special signal codes may be reserved for long interhub rails though, but the careful placement of hubs is still critical.
  2. To avoid cart clashes the system would naturally require 2 rails for the opposite directions. This can be worked around somehow, but the underlying powerline still has to be doubled because of comparator's polarity.
  3. The signal must travel through a line of comparators which eat up a lot of redstone and quartz. One can place 1 comparator every two blocks but given 2 lines requirement it would still require ½ comparator-equivalent for every block traveled.
  4. The signal travels a lot faster than a minecart does, therefore the signal must be “caught” at several regular points along the way allowing the cart to catch up.


  1. Economic nonfading signal line (WIP, current record ¼ comparator per block)
  2. Signal catching trap (DONE, needs a reset mechanic)
  3. Destination selector (TRIVIAL)
  4. Automatized switch (WIP)
  5. Manual emergency control of automatized switch (TODO)
  6. Cart redirector to prevent driving on a wrong lane (TODO)
  7. Statistical analysis on the frequency of redirectors and signal traps (TODO)
  8. Blueprints (TODO)
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