Dobrograd–Kriegstein Agreement

The Kingdom of Kriegstein agrees to grant independence to the Duchy of Dobrograd under the following conditions:

  1. The Duchy of Dobrograd will not join a different nation for at least two weeks (fourteen days) after her independence.
  2. The Duchy of Dobrograd does not join any nation already in existence by the time this treaty is signed.
  3. Whichever nation the Duchy of Dobrograd joins or creates will, upon accession of Dobrograd, sign a treaty with the Kingdom of Kriegstein in which both nations agree to:
    1. Respect the sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity of each other,
    2. Ensure free passage of people, goods, and services between the Kingdom of Kriegstein and the territory of the Duchy of Dobrograd,
    3. Abstain from any acts of aggression towards each other, including supporting any third parties either nation may be at war with with personnel, weapons, or armour.

Violation of any of these terms will result in the indefinite occupation of the Duchy of Dobrograd by forces of the Kingdom of Kriegstein.


P_P_A 2015/09/14 17:21
P_P_A, Secrétaire général des affaires royales du Royaume de Kriegstein

Nekronys 2015/09/14 17:25
Nekronys, Secrétaire d'état des ponts et chausséees, Duke of Dobrograd

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