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Following the international Commonwealth-Endarian Crisis, the good people of the realm of Alpha will band together in a confederation to strengthen international ties and wealth. The Confederation of Independent States, or CIS, as it henceforth will be mentioned in this treaty, will unite citizens in spite of any differences. Each independent memberstate will, by signing this treaty, be required to follow the Constitution.


§1 - Any nation applying for membership will have be acknowledged by a council (see “Leadership)

§2 - Nations applying for membership must not be extremely impoverished, indebted or in any ongoing conflict with a membership nation. If the applying nation is in an ongoing conflict, they will be forced to cease hostilites before joining the CIS, as to prevent the CIS from entering any conflicts

§3 - Any nation, state, citystate or settlement may keep their status and will never be forced to change their national or local form of governance.


§1 - Any member-nations can, at any time, leave the CIS without any penalty in form of payment of currency or seceding of land

§2 - After leaving the CIS, a nation may not declare war on any member-nations for 2 weeks, or another specified timeframe.

§3 - If a former member-nation declares war after the non-aggression period on any member-nation (or if the pact is broken and war occurs before the expiration of said pact), the nation will not be able to join the CIS for another 2 months as a penalty, However earlier re-incorporation can occur by unanimous vote.


§1 - No member-nation will hold more power than others, however the CIS will incorporate a ruling body formerly known as The Council.

§2 - The Council will consist of one representative from each nation. The default representative will be either the monarch, dictator or elected president. Each nation can, however, appoint or elect their own representative.

§3 - Anarchistic nations with no official leader will not be able to vote in the Council. Only if the nation features a de facto leader will they be able to participate in the affairs of the CIS.

§4 - The CIS condones civilized discussion and diplomatic solutions


§1 - The CIS is not a military alliance.

§2 - The CIS can be requested to send troops from the Confederated Army to member-nations in peril. However the CIS does not hold any obligations to this service and will only step into effect by vote.

§3 - The CIS will not risk itself and it's governing forces by sending relief troops into pointless wars.

§4 - Each nation sending troops to the Confederated Army, to help out other member-nation, will not risk anything by doing so as the troops are not fighting for their respected nations nor the CIS, but the member-nation in peril.

§5 - The CIS will help out member-nations only if it is a defensive war.

§6 - The CIS will take steps towards solving any crisis diplomatically.

Dissolving the Confederation of Independent States

§1 - The CIS can not be dissolved by anything except for unanimous vote.

§2 - The CIS will not dissolve itself if only one member-nation remains as it is still technically in existence.

§3 - If voting for the dissolvement of the CIS, the anarchistic member-nations will be required to send a delegate to vote on the matter. If the nation refuses, the CIS will read this as voting no, on the subject matter.


§1 - Each member-nation is required to contribute resources for building of either A) a council HQ in Spawn or any other city, or B) the building of a CIS Capital.

§2 - No one is obligated to contribute to the treasury of the CIS, other than what is stated in §1


§1 - The Constitution cannot be changed by anything than unanimous vote.

§2 - Any other laws will be subject to vote by the Council.

§3 - Member-nations cannot be forced to sign or lawfully follow anything but a re-writing of the Constitution

Anyone signing this document, agrees to the terms of the Constitution and is by signing it, a member-nation.

Signatures of founding members below this line
I, King Nils I of Winterlyn, agrees to the terms of this Constitution

黒木智子 (Tomoko Kuroki), Representative for the Current Kanshoku Emperor, うさぎ昭和天皇 (Usagi Hirohito)

President of Badfacia, Austrobernd

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