Bresho-Enderian Treaty was signed on March 23rd 2015, the treaty says march 24th though for some reason


Bresho-Enderian Treaty The Peoples of Breshik and the Ender hereby on this morning of March 24 in the year of our lord 2015 do pledge three things to eachother.

Firstly the nations party to this treaty will enter into a militaril neutrality with eachother for the time of one month., to end on the 24th of April. Secondly the nations party to this treaty do hereby lift any economic restrictions put in place on one anothers nations and citisenry whilst still allowing for future execuion of national Soverignty where each nation sees fit.

Thirdly The trade of the captured Swords ENDER DRAGON MAGIC and RAPIERE DE GAYLORD shall commence upon the signing of this treaty


Shakomatic, King of Breshik

Hinoarashi, President of the Ender

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