The Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik hereby cedes an area of about fifty by fifty meters to the north-east of the Lugal river to the company known as the East Avencian Trading Company in exchange for recognition of all Breshikan land claims. The post is to be made mainly out of wood with one ship allowed to dock at it, and the fortress to be conservatively sized with no part of it higher than 17 blocks.

The East Avencian Trading Co. will seek Breshikan approval for any more settlements, outposts, or constructions within Danikan lands, whether claimed by Breshik or not, and furthermore avoid Breshikan settlements within 1000 metres outside of the land which Breshik rightfully claims.

The government of Breshik will allow free movement to traders and diplomats from said post on the King's Road and in Breshikan sea routes pending civil behavior.

Breshik will return all goods taken from the “Ft. Friendship” settlement to the company and assist in the finding of lost chests, which were buried in the woods by Breshikan foresters.

Any breaking of this deal will result in the re-instituting of the server ruling over the aforementioned lands. The people of Breshik wish for cordial relations with the East Avence Trading Company in future endeavors. The King of Breshik also promises to stop complaining about the elevation of Mazznoff to mod status.

The Oos-Awense Komanjie will cease all hostilitie with the Duchy of Avence for a full two weeks as of 2013/02/19.

R. Shakomatic 2013/02/19 20:52

Kovio 2013/02/19 20:49


Breshik has pulled out of this treaty with the Avencian trade Company.

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