Zentrales Volkskommissariat

Coordinates -317.700 / 70.00000 / 642.058
Local Languages English
Any European Language
Ideology Yellow Socialism
Anthems Europa Nazione
Worker's Nationale
Horst Wessel Lied
Die Deutsche Arbeitsfront Marschiert
Älä Katso Taakse
Establishment 2021, August
Population 2

An agricultural, highly traditional, polytheistic and partially monotheistic collective of schizophrenic Aryan farmers.


Volkskomissariat has been founded and its lands colonized in August of 2021 by the Slavic people from Balkans. It started from two shacks made out of acacia wood and eventually it all grew into self-sustaining village.


~2021 Year - Mass executions and expulsions of money swindlers.
End of August, 2021 - Establishment of expeditionary research outpost in the North.

Nördlicher Expeditionsaußenposten - Operates as an autonomous part of the main, Central Headquarters.

Swastika shrine made out of polished diorite.

Economic and cultural anti-semitism with complete exclusion of merchants and those related to their materialistic lifestyles. Autarky.

Farmers are self-reliant and cooperate with each other in case they need something. There is however a problem when it comes to landscape, which will be fixed in the near future.

The settlement doesn't have a government, once the population of settlers increases (never happening), the council will be formed. People, who are part of the Volkskommissariat are expected to be humble and respectful towards one another. The course is to remain isolationist.

South Slavs for now.

← Our sponsor and hero of the Aryan revolution, Joseph “Judeo-Bourgeosie Butcher” Goebbels.

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