Local Languages English
Demonyn Spudian
Government Dependant to the Kriegstein Consortium
Leader None
Establishment 29/11/2012
Population ~0
Abbreviation Spudland

Spudland is an irrelevant island shithole near Kriegstein that shits out potatos.

founding/time period

After coming back to the server, Ivanidiot moved to Kriegstein, and while he was squid hunting, he found Spudland, in its original state. He started a small potato farm, but then realized that he wanted it bigger. He then flattened and expanded it, mostly by himself, with some assistance from Sidmarcus1. Afterwards, he set up a lare potato farm at one end of the island, and made a small cabin. A few days later, Ivan left Spudland to found Neo Wissendorf, an idea that sparked up when Shakomatic was joking about reclaiming Wissendorf in a crusade.

major event/time period

Potatos, flattening, expanding, and potatos.

Spudland is mostly surrounded by the sea, with Kriegstein to the south.

Spudland is a major exporter of potatos, producing between 700 and 2800 potatos a harvest.

The only issues here are how to dispose of all the potatos.

Spudland is dependant to the Kriegstein Consortorium, and has no political influence, except in the potato market, where it has a monopoly.


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