Selvata Free Territory

Selvata Oblast
Local Languages English
Type of Government Libertarianism
Leader Fegelein
Establishment 08.05.2012
Population 4

Selvata is a Jungle colony under Fogel's private Management. Sort of like the Congo, but better.

After Nettob had claimed the unknown Jungle, he named it New Gorask. Soon Sturmtiger and Fegelein arrived. Sturmtiger came up with a name for the new land and so a new colony was bornĀ“d.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Republic and the disappearance of all its leaders, former Soviet Supreme Leader Fogel inherited Selvata as a private colony.

Several Finnish immigrants moved to the colony and built the National Heritage site, known as Fort Jonne.

Ongoing Dispute

After leaving the colony to take care of more important needs, an infidel named Salah claimed the whole territory for his own and damaged parts of the ancient Fort Jonne.

However, being a fine gentleman, he left again shortly afterwards.

Selvata has some wonderful Landscape, with Lakes here and there, Hills and even a fabulous underground Ravine.

Mostly Bananas.

A Kitten adoption service might be established.

Due to its huge forests, Selvata is important for the wood and leaves supply of Merriland. Additionaly the various caves haven't been explored yet.

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