Castle of Nordfall

Castle of Nordfall
Location -7109 x, -3671 z
Official Languages English
Demonyn Nordfallian
Government Republic
Castellan Salah
Establishment 13.08.2018
Population 1

Nordfall was a young nation with little history. Now dead. Castle of Nordfall currently belongs to the HRC, now that the nation is no more.

13.08.2018 - Nordfall was formed.

11.02.2019 - Nordfall was formed (again).

22.10.2019 - Nordfall Castle transferred to HRC by its' leader.

ducklinger - Russian Federation

gushka - Russian Federation

NecroDancer - Russian Federation

Westy_Besty - Kiwiland

Moworkie - Denmark

Nordfall Castle and peninsula

The caste lies on the Nordfall peninsula. You can get there by taking the 40th Nether Rail line.

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