State of Merriland

Oceanic Island State of Merriland
Local Languages English, German
Demonyn Merrilander
Government Autocracy
Leader Fogel
Establishment 27.01.2012
Population 1 active and 36 inactive, little bastards
Abbreviation Merriland

Merriland is an independent island settlement near the oldest spawn. It is one of the oldest and richest towns of the server, being settled on the first days of Oceania and later officially founded as Communist Republic on 27th of January 2012. After its independence from the Soviet Republic, it still remains in the Mongol sphere of influence.

See Soviet Republic history

After the dissolution of the Soviet Republic, the former main territory of Merriland became independent, like the other member states. It is lead by Fegelein, the last remaining citizen of the ancient civilization of the island.

Merriland is located on the beautiful and diverse island with the same name. The capital with most buildings and inhabitants is located in a warm, mediterranean plains climate. The town offers a rare kind of coziness to visitors, as there are no strict building laws, leading to a diverse set of architecture. Most buildings are constructed in archaic ways since they were erected a long time before heretical items like spruce and birch wood or upside-down slabs were invented. The eastern part of the island is covered by the frozen Taiga of Siberia and contains the industrial planned town New Norilsk and a small Jewish town made by an Israeli. The south is mountainous and sparsely settled, with its only village being Merriport, another ghost town, where the first battle of the Soviet-Mongol Wars took place.

The ground is fertile and the settlement is known for its great melon and wheat farms. The whole island is full of mines, which are mostly empty already due to extensive strip-mining.

Cozy and inactive.

After the Soviet Republic collapsed, communism was removed from Merriland, similar to the other member states, which are now either dictatorships or leaderless territories. Merriland embraces Christian values, all shops have to close on Sunday. Cultural marxists have been declared the enemies of the state. After the great world war and its effects on the economy, Merriland decided to follow a staunch isolationist policy fuck things up again in the future, now that there is nothing to lose.

  • desu (in exile)
  • Hopukka †
  • wbernd †
  • KawaiiMinecraft
  • Fogel
  • PennerHubert (in exile)
  • Liolo
  • Isolos
  • Kurabiye
  • awesome
  • SoulFunkBrotha
  • Ranpu
  • BazookaHuenchen
  • Austria
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Downtown Merriland
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