Official Languages English
Japanese (subtitled)
Demonym Eiean
Government Meritocracy
Leaders Enton
Establishment 03-10-2012
Population 2
Abbreviation E.K.

A planned city of the GAM on the continent of Nova Sibiry.


Seeing the new Tri-Isles slowly degrade into an accumulation of odd projects not unlike Perkele was in 1.7 but with a weeaboo theme, MystiaLorelei and Tefal of the GAM decided to create a new settlement, forsaking the “collection of buildings huddled together in a tiny space”, spontaneously-organized look in favor of more Ordnung (and autism).

A spot was chosen in the east of the continent of Nova Sibiry between two rivers and many different biomes. After some planning, the city perimeter was defined and the roads delimiting the blocks were built.

Eien-Kyō lies on the eastern edge of the GAM-controlled part of the continent of Nova Sibiry between two rivers that are yet to be named. The city straddles the eastern river.

Several biomes can be found surrounding the city. Pine forests lie north and south of the city and desert biomes border it to the east and southwest. Not too far lies a very odd point where a snow biome intersects a desert biome. Most of the city and its wester border are a hilly temperate biome.

The independent settlement of Lambda can be found west of the city. An unnamed bay with the island of HURRLAND lies south. The rest of the GAM - and of civilization - currently lies west of the city, though there is a settlement further east.

The city has a planned structure inspired by the medieval Chinese and Japanese capitals of Chang'an (modern-day Xi'an) and Heian-Kyō (modern-day Kyōto), respectively. The space inside of the (planned) city walls has an area of exactly 300×300 blocks. This space is subdivided into 64 thirty-block square plots by a grid of streets, though some plots are grouped together to allow larger builds (e.g. the (planned) Imperial Palace complex north of the city).

Building code

The building code of Eien-Kyō is heavily based from the Kurwan Building Code of 1.7 and strives to maintain a level of coziness for the city.

  1. Buildings (including the underground parts) must fit in a plot that was allocated to the builder by the GAM. The only ones allowed to allocate plots are MystiaLorelei or Tefal, and Koentinius in the Eurozone/Little Kurwa. Should a building not fit, ask for an extension over another plot. A building placed without permission will be marked with a warning sign asking its builder to remove it. Should the removal not happen within two days after the warning has been issued, the GAM shall tear down the building and keep the materials.
  2. Building shall take place on the surface. Cellars, storehouses and other underground floors for houses are allowed, but sprawling underground complexes with no relationship to the surface building are forbidden. Access shafts, staircases and exploration shafts are allowed for cave and abandoned mineshaft mining under the city. Strip mining must be done on the outskirts of the city, not directly underneath.
  3. Buildings must fit the theme and their surroundings. Japanese/Chinese architecture is preferred but not strictly required. Usual materials are wood and wool; pine must be used for wooden beams. Stone bricks are the roof tiling of choice. Stone in general should not be used too much higher than the foundations or the ground level, unless the building is some kind of monument.
  4. Buildings may not have a flat roof.
  5. Constructions taller than three floors are not allowed, unless the GAM explicitly grants an exception.
  6. Eien-Kyō is a city fortified by the GAM itself. No resident-built fortifications, castles and towers are allowed unless exceptionally permitted by the GAM (e.g. for embassies).
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